Formative Research

Agora Consulting excels in providing comprehensive formative research services, which are pivotal in laying the groundwork for successful development interventions. Formative research encompasses a range of activities aimed at understanding the context, needs, and preferences of target populations, as well as identifying barriers and opportunities for intervention. Agora employs a systematic approach to formative research, employing a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to gather relevant data and insights.

Contextual Analysis

Agora conducts thorough contextual analyses to gain a deep understanding of the social, economic, political, and cultural dynamics at play within a given area or community. This analysis involves reviewing existing literature, conducting stakeholder interviews, and analyzing demographic and socioeconomic data to identify key issues and trends.

Needs Assessment

Through needs assessments, Agora identifies the specific challenges, gaps, and priorities within a target population or community. This involves engaging with community members through focus group discussions, surveys, and key informant interviews to gather firsthand information about their needs, aspirations, and concerns.

Stakeholder Mapping

Agora maps out the diverse range of stakeholders involved in or impacted by a particular issue or intervention. This process helps identify key actors, their roles, interests, and influence, enabling more effective engagement and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Problem Identification

Based on the findings from contextual analysis and needs assessments, Agora collaborates with clients to clearly define the problem or issue at hand. This involves identifying root causes, underlying factors, and potential entry points for intervention, laying the foundation for the development of targeted and evidence-based solutions.

Formative Research Design

Agora works closely with clients to design robust formative research methodologies tailored to the specific objectives and context of the project. This may include designing survey instruments, discussion guides, sampling strategies, and data collection protocols to ensure the collection of reliable and actionable data.

Data Collection and Analysis

Agora employs a range of data collection methods, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation, to gather qualitative and quantitative data from diverse sources. Data is meticulously analyzed using appropriate analytical techniques, allowing for the identification of patterns, themes, and insights relevant to the research objectives.

Report Writing and Presentation

Finally, Agora delivers clear, concise, and actionable reports presenting the findings of the formative research. Reports are accompanied by recommendations and insights to inform decision-making and guide the development of evidence-based interventions.

Through its rigorous approach to formative research, Agora Consulting helps clients gain a deeper understanding of the context and needs of target populations, laying the groundwork for the design and implementation of impactful development initiatives.

Tewelde Gebremariam Adhanom






Name of Organization:

Agora Consulting


Full Time / Part Time:

Full Time  


Name of Staff:

Tewelde Gebremariam Adhanom


Date of Birth & Age:

23 /02/1985






College / university

Degrees obtained

Mo/Year of obtainment

Class / division

University of Antwerp

MSc in Governances and Development

September 2016

Great Designation

University of Bahir Dar

MA in Gender and Development Studies

November 2012

Greatest Designation

Jimma University

BEd in Geography and Environment Studies

June 2007

Great Designation



English (fluent), Amharic (fluent), Tigrigna (native)


Countries of Work Experience:



Employment Record:

Name of employing organization

Dates of employment

Positions held

Agora Consulting

February 2023

Founder and Director

Altai Consulting

2020 – Present


University of Gondar              

September 2013—December 2019

Assistant Professor

Care International Consultancy               

December 2019 – January 2020


Samuel Hall               

April 2019 – May 2019


European Centre for Development

Policy Management (ECDPM)

May 2018 – June 2018 and July 2019 – August 2019


Tewelde Gebremariam Adhanom is the founding director of Agora, a research consultancy in Ethiopia focusing on migration, climate change, policy, education, gender, and entrepreneurship. Tewelde has over 10 years of experience in the field of research and is the Director of Communications and a board member for the Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEvA). Tewelde is experienced in designing, coordinating and leading complex research and monitoring projects across Ethiopia. Recent projects that Tewelde has contributed to include, Third-Party Monitoring of food distribution under the World Bank’s PSNP, monitoring of the EU’s peacebuilding work in Ethiopia, an analysis of the Tigray conflict, contributing to the FCDOs Ethiopia Migration Program, assessing renewable energy for the World Bank. Tewelde is experienced in leading and  providing training to data collection teams for both qualitative and quantitative tools.


Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned:

Name of assignment:

Main project features:


Activities performed:

Third-Party Monitoring

Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP)

World Bank

Ethiopia (Tigray)

Third-party monitoring of the World Bank PSNP’s food distribution in Tigray led by the World Food Programme

Research Lead

·         TPM design and reporting

·         Design and coordination of data collection

·         Field team training

·         Logistics

·         Project management

·         Project delivery support

Labor Market Assessment of Destination Countries for Ethiopian Labor Migrants

2023, IOM

Ethiopia (UK, Germany)


Labor Market Assessment of Destination Countries for Ethiopia Labor Migrants covering the demand and supply side for skilled and semi-skilled Ethiopian labors to European countries.

Ethiopia Research Lead

·         Tool designing

·         Collecting high level KIIs

·         Report writing

Outcome Harvesting and Longitudinal Research Capacity Building

2023, Oxfam


Training on Outcome Harvesting and Longitudinal Research capacity building to Oxfam staff and implementing partners

Co-lead trainer

·         Co-design training materials

·         Co-led Training

·         Post training reporting

Third-Party Monitoring for EU Foreign Policy Instrument’s (FPI) Peacebuilding portfolio

2020 – Present




Providing TPM to the following Projects:

SELAM Early Recovery and Socio-Economic Stability in Tigray, implemented by CARE and REST. 

Strengthening Survivor-Centred Responses: Holistic, Comprehensive, Survivor-Centred GBV in Emergencies programming in Tigray”, implemented by Trocaire (CST) and other 5 local partners 

Lifesaving Primary Health Care (PHC), Mental Health & Psycho-Social Support (MHPSS), Sexual & Reproductive Health and trauma Healing for the Tigray’s conflict-affected population, implemented by Médecins du Monde (MdM) France

Research Manager

·         Designing tools

·         Train researchers

·         Collecting qualitative Data

·         Involve in writing up the report and presentations

World Bank-Productive use of Energy on the on the cross borderlands in East Africa Countries

2022, World Bank

Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti

An assessment of Productive Use of Energy in the borderlands of Ethio-Somalia, Ethio-Kenya and Ethio-Djibouti


·         Lead team of researchers in the borderlands of Ethio-Kenya, Ethio-Somalia and Ethio-Djibouti

·         Collect KIIs

·         Reporting

Lalibela Context Assessment

2022, French Development Agency (AFD)


a context analysis in the post conflict territory of Lalibela on behalf of the France Development Agency.



·         Development of research tools

·         Field team training and oversight

·         Reporting

Ethiopia Rapid Research Facility (ERRF)

2022, Trias Consulting



Researching on the rapid political situation of Ethiopia  


Senior Researcher

·         Development of research tools

·         Conducting KIIs

·         Weekly reporting of the rapidly changing situations

·         Providing local expert knowledge and reporting

Atmospheric analysis conflict in Tigray

2021, OTI / USAID


Atmospheric analysis on the ongoing situation in Tigray, Ethiopia.


·         Development of research tools

·         Field team training and oversight

·         Reporting

Ethiopia Migration Programme



Design and undertake research into migration routes across Eastern Africa, including monthly atmospheric reporting and deep dives supporting adaptive programming and policy direction.

Implement livelihoods and communications programming across Ethiopia, with a focus on Tigray refugee camps and North Wollo in Amhara



·         Supervision of field research team

·         Conducted Key Informant interviews

·         Reporting

Baseline for Building Rural Income through Dairy Business Growth in Ethiopia

SNV (Altai)

February 2020 – November 2020

Ethiopia (5 regions)

Quantitative survey of Dairy Households

FGDs with Dairy Households

Project coordinator

·         Development of research tools

·         Field team training and oversight

·         Reporting

Research Project on ‘Gender and Climate Change in Northwest Ethiopia’ of the VLIR-UOS, 2019

In Gondar, Ethiopia

This research project is conducted in drought prone areas of Northwest Ethiopia, aiming at designing evidence-based gender sensitive agriculture related adaptation strategies.


Local Promoter of the research project

·         Methodology design and tool development

·         Supervision of field research team

·         Qualitative analysis using Nvivo software.

·         Quantitative descriptive and inferential analysis

·         Reporting and presenting key findings

Assessment of Household wellbeing among Safety net program (SNP) beneficiaries in Tigray

Care International Consultancy, 2019, Tigray Region, Ethiopia


·    Conducting Baseline survey from farmer households in the SNP in Tigray

·    Assessing the changes in the wellbeing of the farmers in the program.



·         Methodology design

·         Development of research tools

·         Installing the tools to Kobo

·         Provided training on Kobo to enumerators

·         Supervision of field research team

·         Conducted Focus Group discussion with famers

·         Conducted Key Informant interviews

·         Analysis the qualitative data using Nvivo

Evaluation of the ‘Communications Campaigns and Migration

Samuel Hall


Addis Ababa

·    Conducting research to look at the effectiveness of communications campaigns on migration and their relevance to the context.


·         Field coordination (time and budget)

·         Translation of the  research tools

·         Provided training on Kobo to enumerators

·         Supervision of field research team

·         Conducted Key Informant interviews

·         Reporting

European Centre for Development

Policy Management (ECDPM), The Netherlands


Shire Eritrean Campus, Tigray, Ethiopia

·    Baseline data collection for the Regional Development and Protection Program of the European Union in the Eritrean Refugees camps Shire, Tigray, Ethiopia

·    Fellow-up of the Regional Development and Protection Program implementation of the European Union in the refugee camps in Shire, Tigray, Ethiopia


·         Field coordination (time and budget)

·         Translation of the  research tools

·         Provided training on Qualitative data collection methods (FGD and KII) to enumerators

·         Supervision of field research team

·         Conducted Key Informant interviews

·         Reporting



·         Sena Kinati, Project Manager at Altai E-mail: cell phone: +251937460052

·         Dr Kassahun Tegegne: Academic vice president and former dead of Social Science, University of Gondar.    Cell Phone: +251-918-703807             E-mail:

·         Anna Knoll Head of Programme Migration, European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), The Netherlands,    Cell Phone: +31 6 538 60 904       




Signature of staff member or authorized representative of the staff


 Tewelde Gebremariam

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





Zerihun Berhane has a PhD in local development and global dynamics from the University of Trento, Italy. He has two Masters Degrees – one in globalization and development from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and another in development studies from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Zerihun has worked in various positions with organizations providing research, training, and capacity building services and undertaking qualitative and quantitative analyses and impact evaluation of programs. His research areas include climate change adaptation, social protection, disaster risk management, food security, poverty, inequality, and migration. He has presented his works in several international conferences and published extensively in reputable outlets such as Climate, Development Policy Review, Geographical journal, Geoenvironmental Disasters, Evaluation and Program Planning, and Environment, Development and Sustainability among others. Currently, Zerihun is working as an Associate Professor at the Center for African and Asian Studies, Addis Ababa University and serves as Vice President of the Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEvA). 


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